Monday, 22 August 2011

"She generally gave herself very good advice, (though she seldom followed it)" ~Lewis Carroll.

So, it's been a very busy few months, insanely busy actually. I am trying to undertake the work of about 3 people plus take care of my family and have friends and a social life and you know what is isn't easy ;) I am trying to develop the business and keep everything and everyone ticking along, I sometimes worry that neglecting the blog is letting myself down but something has to give right?.

We have recently been on a family holiday which was blissful, we had a much needed rest and time together and we have realised how important it is to get away and have fun together and not be obsessed with the business. Amazing that we went away and nothing happened! No emergency's! No Drama's just lovely staff making great sales and having a blast looking after everything for me ;)

I have realised that I'm incredibly good at dishing out advice but not really good at listening to it myself. It is so important to have a life as well as a business, to cherish the time I have with L being young and to make sure we take time to have fun.

I am making a vow to make regular posts, they might not be profound and brilliant or terribly interesting but at least I'll be here and keeping it going, I am still here reading your blogs, I rarely have time to comment but I am reading! x


Lisa-Marie said...

Something does have to give occasionally! My blogging pattern varies drastically depending on how life is. I think it's natural!

conversationpieces said...

I say that quote all the time to myself (actually sing the disney song version to be exact). The work of 3 people definitely sounds like too much!!

Spare Thoughts said...

What a brilliant quote. I might have to stick that to my mirror or computer or something.

Fine Art Prints said...

Looking forward to seeing more from you.

Glider said...

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