Thursday, 2 December 2010

Christmas is Coming

I am beyond excited at the prospect of Christmas just around the of the best times of the year is going out to get the Christmas tree and spending a weekend adorning the house. Last year I made a very pitiful attempt at some handmade stars which were mocked beyond belief, this year I am going to 'try harder' and will post the results. I am slightly obsessed with wreaths this year, I will update the ones we already have with different ribbons and er..purchasing some new ones shhhhh. I will also be making some garlands from ribbons and tiny tiny ball balls, this I have already had a little practice at and thankfully it works well ;) Am I alone in my Christmas decorating obsession?

We will be going out to get our tree tomorrow evening, so excited! I will post the results from our, (ok, my) adorning after the weekend. xx


Denise said...

Welcome back. i have been waiting for a new post! Good luck on the stars!

HannahB said...

Nope definitely no alone- this weekend we will be doing the same! hurrah!

Laura @ EdenRose said...

Hi Denise :)xx
Hannah so glad you are the same xx