Monday, 1 February 2010

Monday Musings

Wondering what to do with a pile of old jeans i no longer need then i saw this chair? I likey! Hmm, then spent a while thinking of other ways to use all this denim then saw this below......

Denim on Denim? Mens slouchy jeans with braces? Hmm, thanks Ralph Lauren, but no thanks.

Iv finally managed to make Mr ER see that the colour of our hallway is wrong and we need to revert to white, hurrah! Work will start this week :)

Via 100 layer cake

Thinking of making some handmade soap this week to combat the skin irritation and dryness that is plaguing my family due to this very long drawn out cold cold winter we are having in the UK, how hard can it be? I found a reciepe here

I'm loving the fact that my carpet and wooden floors are finally dog hair free after a weekend of inlaw with the dog invasion (phew)I have never hoovered so much in my life!
Did you have a good weekend?


Callie Grayson said...

that chair is sweet!
and lavender oatmeal soap is awesome!!!! i use lavender lotion as well for the dry weather. works great

Miss Welcome said...

Your hallway is gorgeous. Is it a shade of blue or grey? In the photo, it already looks white.

Laura @ EdenRose said...

aw, miss welcome i wish this was my hallway i forgot to put the Living Etc tag underneath! My hallway is of similar style and layout but i got seduced by a colour of sage green which has turned out little too lime green for my liking and after three large pots of it and endless hours of painting i decided i wanted to have white again, whoops! :/

Lisa-Marie said...

My husband's favourite jeans(he's had them for like 6 years) are falling apart, and I was going to do a cushion cover with them, but perhaps I will cover his chair seat with them!

Laura @ EdenRose said...

Lisa-Marie make sure you post the results!!! x