Monday, 9 November 2009


Had a catalogue through this morning from Cox and Cox, it made me feel all festive flicking through the pages of lovely winter and christmas products. My fav's are below. :) Family Peg Board, so usual and stylish from here
Toasting Fork from here


Callie Grayson said...

i need this catalogue!!

Heather Cameron said...

I love this company - I wish I had a wood burning fireplace now so I could toast a crumpet!!! Super cute site - looking forward to more..

Rebecca said...

I'm wanting to get thaqt toasting fork for james for christmas, the postage isn't the cheapest from them though!

make do mum said...

They do lovely vintage-looking toys too - very tempting for xmas!

Huma said...

ooo i got that too - and I love their toybox selection!

i know, i want just about everything from cox and cox
thanks for your kind message about the new site - I've got a lovely giveaway going on too, so come stop by again!

huma xx

GiKo said...

You've got a very nice blog to read! Love it! You've got a new follower!