Friday, 6 November 2009

Friday's Fabulous Five

I'm sorry for the long blog of course is busy at this time of year but iv had the added stress of Mr ER's business reports to write, he loves to put this on me now and again. He's great at his job naturally but what he wants to say he isnt good at putting into words on paper, so he speaks and i type with long intelligent sounding words thrown into the mix, fun! not.
So i'm back to round the week of with fridays's fabulous five and will be back perhaps over the weekend or Monday. Much love Lovelies, XX
I'm loving this, i need to hang this is my home, my life is spent in a state of some kind of panic. lol.via
Thinking of buying these, are they too pink? I would wear them with tights and dreses and jeans and they are on sale, yippee!! From Kurt Geiger

Fabulous London street chic Autumn/Winter style Street Chic via Vogue

Street Chic via Vogue Cute Boots!!

Beautiful Tuscan Farmhouse Kitchen with this gorgeous
little cabinet still with original pink paint, i want one!

Do you think i'm having a pink moment? er perhaps i'm always having a pink moment :)
Have a great weekend X


Susan said...

Think pink not panic! xx (am also recovering from curious spam attack this week, hence my own lack of blogging)

Lisa-Marie said...

Those shoes are FAB! They would look lovely with a grey outfit - grey wooly tights and a grey tunic dress!

Laura@EdenRose said...

Susan-Love it! Spam is annoying, poor you :(

Lisa Marie - yout are so right! :)